The Ecological Accounting Chair at the National Conference on Biodiversity 2020

Thursday 3 December 2020

> What is the role of accounting and accounting information systems?
> Why mix accounting with biodiversity conservation issues?
> How can biodiversity be taken into account and how can natural capital be quantified?
> What exactly are we counting on and to whom / what are we accountable for?

These are the questions raised by the implementation of ecological accounting at the level of organisations, at the level of a territory or at the level of a country, in an unprecedented context of mass extinction of species, population collapse and depletion of natural and semi-natural environments on the surface of the globe.

These are also the questions that Clément Surun, Clément Boyer, Clément Feger, Sophie Ménard and Alexandre Rambaud tried to answer or at least discuss in the framework of workshop V3 "Changing ecological accounting to make a success of the ecological transition" of the 10th National Conference on Biodiversity.

From left to right: Sophie Ménard, Aurélien Oosterlinck, Clément Feger, Alexandre Rambaud

Workshop animated by : Aurélien Oosterlinck coordinator of the Chair in Ecological Accounting (CCE)

With the participation of : Clément Boyer, PhD student at the CCE, Clément Feger,, lecturer at AgroParisTech and associate researcher at the University of Montpellier, Sophie Ménard, environmental economist at CDC Biodiversité, Alexandre Rambaud, lecturer at AgroParisTech, researcher at CIRED and associate researcher at the University of Paris Dauphine, Clément Surun, PhD student at the CCE

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