New report: "Improving Nature’s Visibility in Financial Accounting"

Thursday 14 May 2020

The Natural Capital Coalition’s report "Improving Nature’s Visibility in Financial Accounting" has just been published.

It proposes 4 models for rethinking the way our accounting systems work to incorporate environmental issues. CARE, in connection with ecosystem-centred accounting, is the third method described in this report.

The extended version of the chapter on CARE and Ecosystem-Centered Management Accounting, co-authored by Clément Feger and Alexandre Rambaud, scientific co-heads of the Chair of Ecological Accounting, is available here.

CARE is to date the only model in social and environmental accounting:
> Integrative & Multi-capitals: which integrates different social and environmental issues at the very heart of balance sheets and income statements
> Extended: it is connected to collective ecosystem management accounting and national accounting
> Who recognizes natural capitals as ecological debts/liabilities, and not natural capital as (material or immaterial) assets
> Who recognizes, as a consequence, ecosystems, and their limits, as matters of concern and not as mere sources of services
> Which proposes genuine integrated performance analysis for organisations, including natural & social solvencies analysis
> Which is suitable for standardization

Read the full extended version // Read the full report