Annual conference of the Ecological Accounting Chair

Friday 4 June 2021

On 15 June, the 2021 conference of the Ecological Accounting Chair (CCE), supported by the AgroParisTech Foundation, will be held from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., in the presence of the Chair’s teams and partners. It will be held in the Coléou amphitheatre, at AgroParisTech, 16 rue Claude Bernard, in Paris with the possibility of attending in person or remotely

> Why is it useful and sensible to mix accounting with environmental preservation issues?
> Why is the way we count and take into account this "Nature" so important?
> Why has the Chair chosen strong sustainability and how does this translate into accounting terms?
> Why develop and articulate accounting at several scales?

These are the questions that have interested the Chair since it was launched nearly two years ago. The Chair is also trying to provide answers to these issues by developing tools for companies, territories and decision-makers, to help them in their ecological transition and that of society as a whole.

During this conference, the Chair’s researchers and doctoral students will present the Chair’s raison d’être, its scientific positioning, its work, its recommendations and its objectives for the coming years. This event will also be an opportunity to give the floor to the Chair’s partners and to researchers working on these subjects internationally. Finally, Sylvie Bénard, Director of the Dame à la Licorne and President of the AgroParisTech Foundation, will conclude this session.

> Programme and list of speakers
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